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Martí Cairó Biography

My name is Martí Cairó and I graduated from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2012. After graduation, I untertook a one year small animal internship in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at the university. Afterwards, I completed a graduate degree in Veterinary Opthalmology of one month duration and then worked in a referral hospital in Barcelona as a general practitioner. I started my residency in September 2014 at the VTH of the Autonomous University of Barcelona under the supervision of Dr. Marta Leiva and Dr. Teresa Peña.

Martí Cairó Contact Details

  • Full Name: Martí Cairó
  • Title: Dr.
  • Institution: VTH
  • Department: Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Street Address: Plaça Cívica
  • City: Barcelona
  • Country: Spain
  • ZIP-Code: 08193
  • Email:
  • Employment:

Martí Cairó Status

  • Name: Martí Cairó
  • College Role: Active
  • College Role Since: 0000-04-19
  • Year of last re-evaluation:
  • Next re-evaluation: