ECVO Manual

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0Cover ECVO Manual icon Cover ECVO Manual (15.28 MB)
0Table of Contents icon Table of Contents (48.72 kB)
1Foreword icon Foreword (59.31 kB)
2Introduction icon Introduction (68.13 kB)
3ECVO Scheme icon ECVO Scheme (203.86 kB)
4ECVO Certificate of eye examination icon ECVO Certificate of eye examination (1.34 MB)
5Definitions icon Definitions (233.58 kB)
6Guidelines icon Guidelines (294.95 kB)
6.1 New gonioscopy grading icon Gonioscopy HED Session (4.6 MB)
 icon Gonioscopy Explanatory notes (766.03 kB)
7ECVO Age and Frequency  Recommendations icon ECVO Age and Frequency Recommendations (69.04 kB)
8Vet Advice icon Vet Advice (131.51 kB)
9Breeds  -> Click here to view the breeds
10DNA tests for Hereditary Eye Diseaseicon DNA tests for Hereditary Eye Disease (76.74 kB)
10.1Known Genes-Mutations and Genetic Testing icon Known Genes-Mutations and Genetic Testing (166.6 kB)
11Acknowledgements icon Acknowledgements (63.55 kB)