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Dr Bernard Clerc
Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire d'Alfort
Unité d'Ophtalmologie
7, Ave du Géneral Ch. de Gaulle
Maisons-Alfort Cedex
33 (0)1439 67257
33 (0)1437 58065
veterinary ophthalmology


Bernard Clerc: Graduated from the National Veterinary College of Alfort (Paris, France) in 1965 with a DVM degree in 1966 from the University of Paris, he obtained a MS degree in experimental cardiology in 1968. He joined the Alfort department of Medicine of small animals and horses in 1967 and began a teaching career in Alfort, and was successively Assistant and then, Associate Professor (Agregation) in 1977. Afterwards, he moved to the National Veterinary College of Lyon (France) in 1982 as Professor and was in charge of the Medicine department. Education in ophthalmology. During the seventy’s, this specialty was a small part of the Medicine Department in Alfort and there was no training program. B.Clerc had the opportunity to receive a part time ophthalmology instruction in Paris Human Ophthalmology Hospitals ( Pr Pouliquen at the Hôtel Dieu and Quinze Vingt hospital) He improved his formation by summer stays in the US( Penn and Davis ). His research interest was mainly the cornea. After 1980 different new ophthalmology structures developed in Europe and B. Clerc was a founding member of the ISVO (President in 1996-1997). In 1992 he became a Diplomate of the new European College ECVO (President of the ECVO in 2001-2003). In 1993, he returned to Alfort to create a new Ophthalmology unit and was nominated the first Ophthalmology Professor in France. He retired from University in 2007. He maintained a professional activity in private ophthalmology practice at the Fregis Veterinary Hospital in Arcueil-Paris until 2012.

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n/a (retired)